The Fireside Chat

The opposite of enlightenment.
Three old friends gather by the fire to gripe about the past fortnight's events. Described by leading critics as "a podcast", this anthology of bad taste and neuroticism is guaranteed to change your life. No refunds.

category: Humour
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Episode 100 - Endgame - (1:07:07) 61.46 MB
Why are we doing this. Elon Musk. What's changed. The n-word. Korea. Morgan Freeman. Mailbag. Film corner. More mailbag. A Man Called Ove. Ozpol. Wage theft hot take. UK jobs. Toys R Us. Marvel stadium. Responsible service of alcohol. Football hooligans. MH17. Clown killer. Missing Matt. Detroit. Hannibal Lecter mask. Pierre. Johannes. The Final Reading.

99.5 - Teaser - (3:30) 4.81 MB
Matt's moving overseas and we're celebrating by caving in to our pathetic fans and recording a 100th episode. So send us all your stupid ideas and thoughts for inclusion in the final Fireside Chat. Message The Fireside Chat Facebook or email

Episode 99 - Closure - (51:59) 71.41 MB
Last one. Postal survey. Amazing deals. Seinfeld. Travel girls. Obike. Pho wars. Capitalism. Arguments.

Episode 98 - Catastrophe - (51:00) 70.04 MB
Dunkirk takes. Goodbye Mooch. Shorten turns Left. Marriage equality. Travel girls. Trainwreck forums. Live show tease.

Episode 97 - Collapse - (51:57) 71.35 MB
Shilling. Free burgers. Tory scum. Don Jr. Pakistan. Gaming. Flight. Bad dates. Banksters. Liberals.

Episode 96 - Anticipation - (47:08) 64.73 MB
Jezza. Comey. Bullying Matt. Margaret Court. Gloryholes. Trough man. Bolt. Bitcoin.

Episode 95 - Vision - (48:26) 66.53 MB
Fun run. May 4. Big rabbit. Head transplant. Celeb deaths. Nazis. Obama. One Nation. French post.

Episode 94 - Legacy - (51:32) 70.79 MB
Time capsule. Pepsi. Watch collector. Walkways. Eating comp. Breastfeeding. French postie.

Episode 93 - Confrontation - (48:19) 66.37 MB
Pollie fight. Boycott. Meatless update. Ramadan. Echo chamber. Leak. Bad parma.

Episode 92 - Hesitation - (45:35) 62.6 MB
Horny postie. Oscars. Trump. Matt's dad. Garfield. Pizza shop. Meatless March. Clive. French sniper.

Episode 91 - Perseverance - (51:07) 70.21 MB
TV duos. Turnbull. AusPost. Valentines. Porn. Cory. French scandal. Rich cleaners. Worst article.

Episode 90 - Dystopia - (56:21) 51.6 MB
Judaism. Tennis. Oz Day. Lies. Pig man. Usain. BBQ. IKEA. Beers.

Episode 89 - Frustration - (45:55) 42.05 MB
Hawkey. Cricket. POTUS. Rogue One. Gumtree. Bikram. Sober boys. Tourism.

Episode 88 - Paranoia - (51:42) 47.35 MB
Russia. Trump tweets. Duterte. Posh ads. Pierre. Pollies. Vegans. Dreamworld. Teletubbies.

Episode 87 - Belief - (58:22) 53.45 MB
Work out. Shout out. DJT. Media dummies. Census. Pizza bib. Drone hero. Russian dance. Sheeran. Koch tips.

Episode 86 - Distance - (1:17:02) 70.54 MB
Gun control. Border Force. Wikipedia. US election. Ken Bone. Smashed avo. Big Mac. Halloween.

Episode 85 - Novelty - (46:55) 42.96 MB
Debate. Auspol. Feedback. Banksy. Self own. Matt sells out. Welfare reform. Buddhism.

Episode 84 - Debt - (54:29) 49.89 MB
R u ok? Kerwin. Technocracy. iPhone 7. Burning Man. Iron country. Baby. Kyrgios. Lickibrush. Weirdo Matt.

Episode 83 - Competence - (1:00:42) 55.58 MB
Census. Vanstone. Olympics. Brandis. Spying. Guru. Tram own. PC culture.

Episode 82 - Corruption - (55:26) 50.76 MB
Time. DNC. France. Quidditch. Olympics. Nasty bank. No 1 album. Tory name.

Episode 81 - Improvement - (58:57) 53.98 MB
Hanson. Surprise expert. Alex intervention. Spam. Pasta study. Trumpwatch. Cher. Spoiler tatt. Cheating. Weeing in public. Holidays.

Episode 80 - Lies - (52:17) 47.88 MB
Complaint. Shapes. Duterte. Ransomware. Monash. Dominos tech. Rhinos. Catholics. School reunion. Shorten ad. Reef.

Episode 79 - Fantasy - (47:21) 43.36 MB
GP quiz. Matt burgled. Dan Andrews. Disrespect. Broccoli hack. Death penalty. Latham. Joyce.

Episode 78 - Contempt - (46:22) 42.46 MB
Stupid bar. Budweiser. Laundry. New media. Election. Swingers party. Selling Canberra. Corrections. Hot mic. Intern.

Episode 77 - Repression - (49:38) 45.45 MB
Frothy Roth returns. Bad campaigns. Phone addict. 10 years. Pacino spat. Team Depp. Subs.

Episode 76 - Panic - (52:31) 48.08 MB
Alex's op. Burgerizza. Lazerpig apology. Spotlight. Spacey. Lyons. Todger. Pub list. Quilty. Shapes. Chezchia. Emojis. Break up.

Episode 75 - Heresy - (56:31) 51.75 MB
The jacket. Collectors. Lazerpig. Last meal. Rogue AI. Bad cop. Sexist parma. French protest. Nth Korea

Episode 74 - Pity - (50:27) 46.2 MB
Howard. Canberra. Vice. Bear. Hogan. Ameripol. Lateness. Romantic meeting. Ed's books.

Episode 73 - Controversy - (52:03) 47.66 MB
Stacked it. South America. Tassie. Nerdy Uber. WADA. Pierre. POTY. Harassment. Parent faux pas. GRRM hate.

Episode 72 - Star Wars - (43:12) 39.56 MB
With Alex away, Ed and Matt sit down for a Christmas catch up followed by a long and rambling review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We'll be back as a threesome in early 2016!

Episode 71 - Commitment - (57:57) 53.06 MB
Fake Sheeran. Wiki trick. Pell. Biggie. Mourning. Euro mistakes. Queen rejection. Britpol. Shorten. Turkey. I'm pissed. Fatpic. Troll insurance. Goodbye.

Episode 70 - Willpower - (51:41) 47.33 MB
Maccas. Bacon. Phobias. Feeling old. Swiss pony. Alex's tips. Health dept. Art. Fastlane. AFP. Urinals. Zuckie. New podcast. Tinder.

Episode 69 - Fortune - (40:25) 37.02 MB
Sheen. Warne. RIP Fleetwood. More Jar Jar. Angry yuppies. Pastafarian. Celeb sex. Ark. Snapchat. OED. Tinder. Turnbull burn. Baby Hitler.

Episode 68 - Enthusiasm - (50:48) 46.52 MB
Dying wish. Sonny Bill. Binkspiracy. Bad duos. Parenting tips. Greek sacrifice. Amazon. Japanese wrestling. Klan hack. Penguins. Celebrities. Towel.

Episode 67 - Exhaustion - (51:25) 47.09 MB
Dessert denial. Baby v dog. Nude show. Star Wars. Vanuatu. Goodbye Joe. Hate group. Russia. Cash. Mum reviews. Junkie maths. Canada.

Episode 66 - Apathy - (58:59) 54.12 MB
Beard transplants. Linkedin. Burning man. Tech bubble. Andrew Johns. Narc. Graffiti. Sugar. Terrorism studies. Pig update. Pizzapouch. Peeple. Movie conspiracies. Highbrow dreams.

Episode 65 - Disgust - (49:08) 45.11 MB
Matt's birthday. Periscope. Feedback. Selfie roundup. Dadbod. Piggate. 9/11 party. Medicine. Volkswagen. Lost and found. Time travel. Koch.

Episode 64 - Idiocy - (59:22) 54.47 MB
Ramenfail. State funeral. Beach bet. Ashley Madison. Book ban. Deez Nuts. Pierre. Job ad. Chinese Google. Refugees. Sharehouse. Parents.

Episode 63 - Generosity - (54:46) 50.26 MB
Alex's avos. Uber. Boring first. Monkeys. Sea World. New voices. Food ordering. Boomers. Ed's FOMO. Family Fugue. Shakespeare. Sandwiches. Pierre.

Episode 62 - Safety - (49:00) 44.98 MB
Safe Ed. French bread. Mafia code. Obscure meetings. Penalty rates. Trip advisor. Music news. US election. Johannes.

Episode 61 - Disappointment - (56:32) 51.88 MB
Employer abuse. John Key. Go Set a Watchman. Mr Bean. Ebert. Hulk Hogan. Taylor Swift. Ice tip. David Chang. WW2. Shorten.

Episode 60 - Control - (58:06) 53.32 MB
Bath update. Oculus. Riot. Subway. ISIS. Grand Final eve. Chugger. Champions for change. Holocaust roundup. Top 10 burgers. Ed's night out. Movie mixup. Terror alert.

Episode 59 - Defeat - (58:47) 53.93 MB
Ed's bath. Catholics. Magician. Rich parties. Extinction. Nutella. QLD. Pierre. Marriage equality. Toastmasters. Fast food. Internships.

Episode 58 - Hindsight - (55:12) 50.66 MB
Alex fired. Ed's hindsight. FIFA movie. Entourage. Live longer. Hockey. Kidnapping. Burger lift. Bad footballers. Johannes.

Episode 57 - Revenge - (52:41) 48.35 MB
Melbourne. Struggle St. Alex's rage. Ed's confession. Jedi. Backseat Sudoku. Weirdos. UK. Pierre. Latham. Depp's dogs. Town square. Nickelback. Massage.

Episode 56 - Danger - (50:46) 46.6 MB
Rough start. Trip advisors. John Key. Downloading. James Cameron. Walker. Matt forgot. Needy fans. Househunting. Food loopholes. Mousehunting. Retail. Waste.

Episode 55 - Misery - (50:11) 46.07 MB
Going Hamm. Head transplant. Lightbulb. Live to 100. Anzacs. Language. Cricket. Stealing votes. 27 club. Speeding. Amazon. Fanfic. Slow Matt.

Episode 54 - Greatness - (59:19) 54.42 MB
The challenge. Fanmail. Yoga. Merchandise. Defamation. Trip advisor. Ray Romano. Ireland. Lord Mayor. Commandos. Super. Forrest Gump.

Episode 53 - Disaster - (57:23) 52.66 MB
Oscars. About us. Award winners. Alex's challenge. Pizza downfall. Democracy. ASIO. Capital. Body transplant. Vaccines. Lateness. Tinder. Drunk driving. Baby. Resignation.

Episode 52 - Heroes - (50:37) 46.46 MB
Matt's disorder. Corrections. Dolphin love. Art project. Books. Ironic tattoo. Prick of the week. Auspol. Koala. All is lost.

Episode 51 - The Best Of - Part 3 - (1:12:54) 66.86 MB
Reviews. Clooney. Fine dining. The Age. Hobbies. Alps. More reviews. Podcast famous. Swiss tourism. Game show. The UK. God. Movie theatre. Celebs. Porn. Pierre

Episode 50 - Sacrifice - (54:49) 50.31 MB
Glass. Drug trials. Nightmare diet. Foods of 2015. Supercuts. Corruption. Hottest 100. Hitler. Monkey baby. Festival. Big burger. Kochie's jokes.

Episode 49 - Guilt - (1:03:22) 58.13 MB
Self promotion. Too popular. Resolutions. Pizza report. Tim Burton. Fixing art. Michael Caine. Return of the Jedi. Clip of the year. Buying titles. NWA. Grubhub. DJ names. Sacred text.

Episode 48 - 2014 Christmas Special (LIVE) - (1:16:14) 69.92 MB
Audience Q&A. Fireside baby. Christmas memories. The Interview. Punching art. Spruiking. Round trip. Swiss cooking. 2k14 in review. Surprise guests. Face sitting. Christmas Prayer.

Episode 47 - Judgement - (52:20) 48.04 MB
Fan mail. PM's cabinet. Episode VII. ISIS. Missed celebrity. Coke diet. New pizza. Scared customer. Art theft. Dumb neuroscientists. Porn censorship. Live show hype.

Episode 46 - Discovery - (52:27) 48.15 MB
Raising kids. D&D. World leaders. Comet. Interstellar. Florida men. Worst customer. Hobbies. Microsoft. Locked out. Caught picking. Pathetic shirt. The Stones. Pro-life. Special announcement. Cooking fights.

Episode 45 - Failure - (52:37) 48.3 MB
Complaint. Whale carcass. Tattoo recognition. Childhood magic. Prank. Mistaken identity. Flea update. Pierre. Rockets. Disproving God. The races. New purchase. Brain training. Spider wars.

Episode 44 - Nightmares - (50:31) 46.36 MB
Night terrors. British films. Convention. Menulog hack. Ancestors. The Irish. Matt's philosophy. Past lives. Worst Nazi. Gross Diamonds. Heaven. Sistine Chapel. Right wing roundup. Great Guys.

Episode 43 - Justice - (52:15) 47.95 MB
Door knocking. Journalism. Bad snacks. Psychopath. Billy Connolly. Sized up. Al Pacino. Stevie Wonder. The Simpsons. War talk. Red bull. Controversial groups. Madmen or Millionaire. Lookalikes. City reviews.

Episode 42 - Peace - (52:00) 47.73 MB
Lost keys. Radio. New war. New iPhone. Clooney. Tourism. Concorde. Swiss army. Emergency meals. Blacklisted. Old outfits. Texting lane. Eiffel Tower. Pierre returns.

Episode 41 - Privacy - (55:52) 76.73 MB
Podcast famous. Nude pics. Dinosaurs. 1 star reviews. Unlimited pasta. Swiss economy. RIP MSN. Christmas party. Epitaphs. App roundup. Johannes.

Episode 40 - Truth - (59:00) 81.16 MB
Catching up. Trip dirt. Fine dining. Fast city. Stupid reviews. LARP. Weed history. 9/11 Museum. Bad journalism. Our parents. Switzerland. Normcore Dad. Banks. Revenge. Ed's downfall. Frenchman.

Episode 39 - Simply the Best of The Fireside Chat - (1:04:06) 88.16 MB
The very best bits ... since the last compilation. Find us on Facebook or Snapchat/Gmail/Twitter: Firesidepod. Rate us on iTunes, tell a friend, buy the book, get a tattoo, change your name to Fireside.

Episode 38 - Magic - (49:31) 68.13 MB
Secrets of magic. Ed's burden. Favourite trick. Headline wars. Holiday plans. Cup final. Awkward chat. Listener feedback. Magic coffee. Happy Aussies. Birthday. Earth fact.

Episode 37 - Evil - (41:55) 38.5 MB
Not voting. Depressing show. Catching up. The trip. Bad accountant. Thinking solo. Toilets. Scandinavian prisons. Vegetarianism. Hippies. Inspectors.

Episode 36 - Change - (56:19) 51.68 MB
Moving house. Curved tv. First birthday. Fireside holiday. Music biz. Wu Tang. Turing test. Privacy. Bad boss. No internet. Drone delivery. More Tinder. Read receipts.

Episode 35 - Power - (50:39) 46.5 MB
Fatherhood. Enlargement. Oculus rift. NSA. Soccertalk. Capital. Dragonball. Privacy. Divorce. Weird walk. Normcore. Memory. Kindle. Housemate interviews.

Episode 34 - Insanity - (58:38) 53.8 MB
Hungry Jacks. Corruption. Lifehacks. China. Slow Matt. Rockstar. Changing names. Rude text. Boring Alex. Soylent. Gotham. Star Wars. Ed's TV. School hours. Joe Hockey. Confidence.

Episode 33 - Stupidity - (55:58) 51.27 MB
Bundy. Depp. First contact. Smart kids. Prison. Aussie TV. Stupid thoughts. Offensive movies. Weird note. Mothers day. ECT. Sigdish. Quiet cars. Aussie battler. Portland. Nixon.

Episode 32 - Disgrace - (31:55) 29.25 MB
Cults. Lost phone. Inspectors. Cops on drugs. Waking up. Easter. Crossing roads. Market research. Ruined wedding. Chewbacca. Bush. Nice Ed.

Episode 31 - Friendship - (47:07) 43.16 MB
Feedback. Best friend betrayal. Hating George Lucas. Firechat. Spying. New friends. Pizza roundup. Useless protagonists. Dictator haircuts. Friendzone. Netsend. Doggie bag. World Cup. Arts degree.

Episode 30 - Happiness - (45:51) 42.01 MB
Spoilers. Crafty cleaners. Who's happiest? Happy snaps. Drunk in public. Spritz. Playground genius. Back to school. Search parties. Unpaid interns. WebMD yourself.

Episode 29 - Wisdom - (40:18) 36.92 MB
Podcast milestone. Rocky. Pizza life. Youth wisdom. Early adopter. Hiding tattoos. Wise characters. New show ideas. Graveyard radio. More 9/11. Swiss talk.

Episode 28 - Shame - (36:25) 33.37 MB
How did we meet? Our Everest. Forgetting names. Creepy homeless. LBJ. Valentine's Day. Voice to text. Deaf fraud. Flappy birds. Good citizen. Sad bowl.

Episode 27 - Conflict - (34:32) 31.65 MB
Bad audiences. Die Hard. Tarantino. Hoffman. Breaking news. Selfish favour. Super Bowl. Worst band in history. Winter Olympics. Seinfeld reunion. Weird fetishes. Fanfic. Accidental theft. Lonely Facebook.

Episode 26 - Regret - (41:02) 37.58 MB
POTY. Babies. Tattoos. No regrets. Missing the boat. The Peppers. Depressing albums. Racist teacher. Busting yourself. Methwank. Random add. Heatwave. Send your regrets by email/snapchat to firesidepod and get around Facebook!

Episode 25 - Fresh Starts - (39:06) 35.82 MB
Bad t-shirt. Failed resolutions. Catching up. Christmas cheer. Shia Labeouf. My Monkey Baby. Job interviews. Camping. School council. Time capsule. iTunes ranking. Like us on Facebook, Snapchat your bits to firesidepod, or drop us a line at

Episode 24 - The Christmas Special - (47:05) 43.13 MB
Christmas films. Decorations. Shopping. Mandela. Freethinker. Selfies. Nukes. Don't look now. Listener advice. Bachelor. Sign language. Fireside Miracle. Bag checks. Reading. Middle sibling. New Year's Resolutions. Goodbye 2013.

Episode 23 - Destiny - (37:47) 34.62 MB
Growing up. Sex Ed. Listener Feedback. Retweet this. Online shopping. History mystery. Presidents. Creepy ads. Psychopaths. Centrelink. Christmas special hype.

Episode 22 - Rivalries - (41:05) 37.64 MB
Intelligent design. Beatles/Stones. Yankees/Red Sox. Apple/Samsung/Microsoft/Humanity. Cats/Dogs. Pyramids. Jesus. Edison/Tesla. Lebron. Adidas/Puma. Product cults. Good bloke update. Waiters. Downfall of humanity.

Episode 21 - Maturity - (38:19) 35.1 MB
Putincast. Boring games. Executive Club. Snapchat. Tech bubble. Mad cow disease. New ligament. Emoji dick. Drive-thrus. Voting. Kids protesting. Pet resort. Johannes.

Episode 20 - Courage - (46:22) 42.47 MB
Trick or treat. Hooligans. Zombie cockroach. Sue your wife. Honest employee. Backstabbed. Dolphin rape. Food peccadilloes. Martial arts. Tricking women. Courageous acts. Identity theft. Great leadership. Deer Hunter. Like us on Facebook!

Episode 19 - The Very Best of the Fireside Chat - (59:25) 54.43 MB
Thanks for listening, friends. Here's a collection of our least-worst bits. Will your favourite segment make the cut? Tune in to find out. Or don't! Please validate us by liking us on Facebook or leaving a review on iTunes.

Episode 18 - Respect - (34:19) 31.44 MB
Train respect. Slugs. Teaching English. Drunk in public. National identity. Fitness. Haters. Birthday boy. Creepy lollies. Get a scent. Self harm. Arctic explorers. Facebook. Leave us a review on iTunes! Or don't.

Episode 17 - Fear - (33:08) 30.36 MB
New intro. Weird fears. Old baby. Jaws. Dumb dolphins. Sibling rivalry. Workplace survival tips. Photoshop your party. Dead arm. Bathurst. Stealing food. Florida man. Sex with cars.

Episode 16 - Confidence - (45:34) 41.74 MB
Drunk at work. Daylight savings. Pandering. Gatecrashed. Bad bet. Electoral fraud. Titanic 2. Banks. Spiritual awakening. Space. Bachelor life. The good room. Indiana Jones. Johannes. Tough names. Bus etiquette.

Episode 15 - Rejection - (38:17) 35.07 MB
YouTube. Clubs. Shock announcement. The Beatles. Fads. Dead koala. Word Art. Lookalikes. Bad pizza. Artemis Fowl. School reunions. New housemate. Evolution. Stupid callers. Big tips. Playground heartbreak. Hugs.

Episode 14 - Obsession - (42:16) 38.73 MB
National dish. GTA V. Hospital. More bad flirting. Alter ego. Breaking Bad. Rebranding. Brutality. Cheap hitman. The Kaiser. Great bloke. NASA. Golden parachute. Housemate interview. Vibrators.

Episode 13 - Superstition - (31:20) 28.71 MB
Superstitious dads. Worst best restaurant. Icelandic dating. Warping children. Lincoln. Party stopper. Tonight. Pet travel. Huge pranks. Called by the Pope. Earth.

Episode 12 - Triumph - (34:21) 31.47 MB
Liberal Bandwagon. Linguistics. Uni triumph. Podcast of the year. Buy a complaint. Real estate nightmares. Headhunting. Plagiarism alert. Spain. More impressions. Caught not paying attention.

Episode 11 - Stage Fright - (38:23) 35.17 MB
Stage fright. Pastie v hot chips. Aldi. Thank you. Crisis meeting. 21st speech. Good radio edits. Class presentation. Twerking. Johannes. Witches. Impressions. JD Salinger.

Episode 10 - Technology - (37:00) 33.9 MB
Technology. Fruit Ninja. Wrestling. Tinder update. Lost my phone. Customer service redux. Clone yourself. Ricky Martin. Dating quiz. Get Matt a job.

Episode 9 - Romance - (34:49) 31.88 MB
Flirt tennis. First girlfriend. Surprise guest. Anniversaries. Selfies. Buying drugs on Twitter. Being sick. New mammal. Celcius v. Fahrenheit. King talk. Bad jokes. Sunrise

Episode 8 - Comebacks - (37:52) 34.67 MB
Pirates. Cowboys. Would you rather. Hype. Bad introductions. Fake meat. Baby photos. Idioms. Star Wars. Facebook likes. Poetry.

Episode 7 - Downsizing - (34:30) 31.59 MB
Budget cuts. Tweet your balls. Pretentious drinks. Sex tape. Hogwarts. Kickstarter. Low point of the week. Creepshots. Caligula.

Episode 6 - Deception - (31:45) 29.1 MB
Birthdays. Toilet humour. Santa. Royal baby. Arrogant rappers. Getting fired. The American Dream. Inception. Great service. Airport bathrooms. Keyser Soze. Hero of the week.

Episode 5 - First Impressions - (35:54) 32.88 MB
America. Dreams. Kill your best friend. Stealing street signs. Bad cabbie. Sex on planes. Speed dating. Adult nappies. Gag gifts. Kid law. SAS. Pranks. Hitler.

Episode 4 - Etiquette - (30:27) 41.84 MB
Haircuts. Trains. Mick Jagger. Surprise doctor. Flirt abort. Losing friends. Captive audience. Secret slob. Arrogant cat update. I Don't Care. 'The' symbol.

Episode 3 - Authority - (23:26) 32.19 MB
Police. Primary school. Tea for dogs. Porn. Online shopping. Bikies. Flirty charities. First CD. Food groups. Urban spoon. Tech fights. Bruce Willis.

Episode 2 - Denial - (26:20) 36.19 MB
Denial. Podcast money. Racism. Self presents. Wiping my arse. Conspiracy theories. Bin diving. Shoplifting. Hospitality faux pas. Celebrity baby names. News websites. Braille.

Episode 1 - Decadence - (23:46) 32.64 MB
Podcast attire. Selling out. Neighbour etiquette. Google glass. Modern decadence. Spy kids. Random notes. Potato connection. Flights. Customer service relationship. Dangerous foods. Social media. Public figures. Genes/jeans.